The Non-Physical Lessons Your Kids Learn from Gymnastics

Finding an outlet for children to release energy and challenge themselves through athletics is extremely beneficial.

Every sport has its benefits. However, gymnastics does so much more than just promote physical fitness.


Gymnastics enriches children's lives by teaching important character traits and mindsets.

  1. Hard Work - Regardless of age or skill level, gymnastics is hard work. Children learn new skills, practice those skills, fail, get up and try again, and repeat time after time. When they finally land that perfect skill, they learn firsthand that hard work pays off!
  2. Discipline – Children show up to practice every week. They listen to their coach. They follow directions. They want to run around like wild animals and jump on the trampolines and do crazy flips and tricks, but they don’t. They're learning discipline. This is a wonderful attribute that will help them succeed in school and in life.
  3. Bravery – Most kids are terrified when they show up to their first gymnastics lesson. They can’t walk on the beam or do a cartwheel. Sometimes they won’t even talk to the teacher or go out on the floor. Then, all of a sudden, they start getting brave. They gain confidence. They realize, “I got this!”
  4. Patience – Progress isn’t always immediate. Sometimes it can take a child weeks to wrap their head around a new skill. But they learn to be patient and keep trying. Eventually their patience pays off and they have that breakthrough moment.
  5. Exercise Is Fun – Listening to a group of kids in a gymnastics class, you wouldn’t think that they even realize they’re working out. Many adults view physical activity as a chore or burden, but gymnastics kids just see it as a good time! Developing this positive mindset while still a kid is much easier than learning it as an adult.

It’s safe to say that children learn as many, if not more, mental lessons from gymnastics as they do physical ones.

Just watch your little one and you'll be able to see how much they're growing through this amazing sport!

Brett Wharton